Recommendations and conditions for receiving subsidies and loans

Use and handover limitations

Statutory limitations apply to the use and handover of ARA's rental housing and homes and rental and right-of-occupancy homes subsidised by virtue of the Act on Interest Subsidy for Rental Housing Loans and Right of Occupancy. The purpose of these limitations is to keep the homes in rental use for a sufficient period of time and to maintain their cost at a reasonable level. The limitations apply to residential buildings and the shares of the corporations that own them, and to shares granting occupancy of residences. The limitation period is variable, with a potential duration of 40 years for normal rental homes, for example.

Competitive tendering

Pursuant to the legislation on Arava and interest-subsidy loans, both new construction and renovations must be based on a competitive tendering process, unless granted an exemption by ARA.

ARA recommends the most extensive competitive tendering of projects possible. The funding for interest-subsidy projects must also be subjected to a tendering competition, as must significant individual procurements falling outside the scope of contracts.

Homes on reasonably priced lots

A reasonable lot price is a prerequisite for ARA construction. ARA approves the lot's price or lease amount in a partial decision. Such approval is regulated by regionally determined maximum lot prices (lot price charts). The charts are updated annually.

Quality objectives

The objective of ARA construction is to create a functional, agreeable, economical and sustainable community structure. ARA housing must meet appropriate standards of habitability and be functional.

At its best, ARA housing construction:

  • is long-lasting and functionally, aesthetically and technically durable
  • is energy-efficient, with a low heating-energy requirement and/or in which energy needs are satisfied with renewable forms of energy
  • enables living in accordance with the principles of sustainable development
  • has maintenance and living costs that are reasonable or competitive for the area
  • is safe and accessible, along with its immediate environment
  • is modifiable, enabling arrangements such as the development and alteration of the use of space to meet requirements arising from the ageing or eventual disability of its residents and
  • sets an example for other housing construction.

The development of housing design, construction methods and construction technology is facilitated in connection with ARA construction.

Accessibility evaluation

ARA requires a free-form accessibility report from all supported projects during the drafting stage.



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