Homeless people 2023

In Finland in 2023, there were over 3,400 homeless individuals who lived alone. Approximately 30% of them were long-term homeless. The number of homeless individuals decreased by about 260 people from the previous year, with long-term homeless individuals contributing to a decrease of 115.

The numbers of homeless families, women, and young people also decreased from the previous year. However, the number of homeless immigrants increased. Nearly a quarter of the homeless population were immigrants, while women accounted for 22% and those under 25 accounted for 15%.

The majority of homeless people reside in large cities

The majority of homeless individuals are found in large cities, particularly in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Helsinki is home to over one-fifth of the country's homeless population, and the reduction in homelessness in Helsinki accounts for over half of the overall decrease in homelessness nationwide. In Helsinki, there were approximately 160 fewer homeless individuals than the previous year.

Of the large cities, Helsinki is the only one where homelessness has consistently decreased for five years. In other major cities, the trend has been more variable.

Two-thirds stay with friends and relatives

About two-thirds of homeless individuals temporarily stay with friends and relatives due to lack of housing. In many countries, only those who are living outdoors or in shelters and institutions are counted as homeless. Although the number of such individuals has significantly decreased in Finland over the long term, last year saw an increase of over 160 individuals in that category compared to the previous year, according to data reported by municipalities. However, the number of those staying with friends and relatives decreased by over 400.

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The information is based on data compiled by Ara from municipalities. Responding to Ara's survey is voluntary. In 2023, 72% of municipalities responded to the survey. The results are indicative and represent the situation as of November 15, 2023.

Ara has been conducting homelessness surveys since 1986.

Line chart of the declining number of homeless people in Finland in 2008-2023.

The number of long-term homeless individuals has decreased since 2008 in Finland.

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