The overall objective of the project is to ensure that the prevention of homelessness will take root in the cities taking part in the project.  City-specific strategies aimed at preventing homelessness and the working practices strengthening social inclusion of the customers are used as the tools in the process.  The project will help in the preparation, development and practical application of these tools.

The objectives of the project are interlinked at four concrete levels:

1) At customer level, preventive solutions for housing, care and support work meeting the needs of individuals and groups will be built

The emphasis will be on preventive housing advice and work forms encouraging customers to show initiative. These include expertise through experience and the promotion of rehabilitative work, study and meaningful daily life.

Homelessness often leads to passivity and social exclusion, which can be prevented if the operating models helping to strengthen social inclusion and life management are part of the process of providing everybody with housing.

2) At local level, preventive measures across service sectors and professional boundaries will be launched

Such preventive measures across boundaries will help to build solutions that are sustainable from the customer’s perspective. The solutions can be achieved through cooperation between the parties engaged in housing advisory services, social work, debt counselling, intoxicant and mental health work, employment subsidies and expertise through experience.  The resulting savings will be invested in preventive work.

3) At national level, the aim is to ensure the development, dissemination and introduction of workable and promising solutions

In addition to making comprehensive use of the solutions, the aim is also to identify administrative and professional practices that promote or interfere with the prevention of homelessness. The focus is utilise expertise through experience of homelessness from the above perspective.


4) At international level, utilising national the results of the national strategies, strategy work and international network

The aim is to utilise the results of the national strategies and strategy work, diisseminate of Housing first and multisectoral practicals and utilise the international network.


Published 2016-08-22 at 10:43, updated 2017-07-05 at 10:20