Expertise through experience

An operating model based on expertise through experience for dealing with homelessness and preventing homelessness will be created in the project. The results of using expertise through experience will be seen at customer, local and national level and in relation to the personal development of the experts through experience.

At customer level, the aim is to find the right approach allowing the experts through experience to assist the professionals working with homeless customers and customers facing the threat of homelessness. At local level, strengthening of the role of the experts through experience helps to ensure that the prevention strategies can be prepared from the users’ perspective. At national level, models and experience based on using experts through experience at local level will produce information about the obstacles and best practices involving the use of expertise through experience. At personal level, the progress of experts through experience in employment, skills and empowerment will be monitored.

Experts through experience

Depending on the priorities set by the cities, the experts through experience represent different homelessness target groups, such as the long-term homeless, young people in child welfare aftercare, immigrants or mental health and intoxicant rehabilitees. 10-15 experts through experience will be employed taking part in the project as part of the project personnel. Many experts throught experience will be also involved in strategy process comission or voluntary basis.  


Published 2016-08-22 at 10:42, updated 2017-07-05 at 12:55