Our Neighborhood

Our Neighborhood01Joakim Breitenstein (Aalto University)

This entry is somewhat akin to the winning entry, and it also ticks all the boxes given in the competition brief with distinction, even if only one building type is used. The entry is diverse, innovative, sensitive and harmonious, and the  environment it creates is comfortable and human. The  design is well motivated, focusing on ecology and energy issues. The presentation is refreshing, and the narrative  set in the future is insightful. That the entrant has  thoroughly addressed the competition brief is evident in the attention to detail, down to home layouts, and the work is convincing and professional. The entry smoothly combines building design, urban landscape and a vision of the future.

Our Neighborhood02

Entrance to neighborhood

Our Neighborhood03

8th floor semi-cold common/technical spaces (Materials: Coloured Concrete, Wooden Columns and Beams)

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