Mikki Ristola (Aalto University)

Homer by Mikki Ristola, interior courtyard
View from the interior courtyard during a Saturday morning market

The winning entry is a diverse, comprehensive and highly logically motivated dissertation on housing in the future. The entry features a conceptual and modular building type that blends community with ecology and a flexibility that makes for a vibrant cityscape. 

Old buildings are comfortably accommodated in the whole, and variable urban spaces on a human scale are created between old and new. The entry also features the best example of how to take the structure and nature of the competition area in the Sopenkorpi district into account, and this is what distinguishes it from the second prize winner. 

The basic structure of the building concept is rational, and its variations allow for a wide range of practical layouts for residents’ needs. Mixing functions and bringing common spaces into residential buildings creates an environment where it is easy to imagine that people would enjoy comfort and wellbeing.


View from the pedestrian street looking northwest


View from a 2-module tower apartment with two multi-purpose boxes


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