Onnelanpolku – turning the old into something new and energy-efficient

The main goal of the Onnelanpolku project is to realise a sheltered home suitable for life-cycle housing and housing special-needs groups, with an energy consumption close to zero. In this context, life-cycle housing refers to the possibility for aged persons to keep living at the same address, despite changes in their ability to function.

A total of 228 homes for the aged were constructed in the property. The building will be executed by demolishing the existing three buildings in stages and constructing new ones in their place, so that the inhabitants of the demolished buildings will be able to move into the new ones. The project will almost double the combined floor area of the three buildings.

It involves three principal points of interest for ARA: the demolition of old buildings and life-cycle housing and energy-efficient solutions for new properties. The property being constructed is also a significant building complex in Finland in terms of size.

Sensors and monitoring systems will be installed in the property, and the data collected by these will be used in research and development. The data will also be used to optimise the operation of the systems.

The project received development funds, an investment grant and an interest subsidy loan from ARA.


Published 2013-08-09 at 13:18, updated 2013-08-19 at 15:47