Finland's first zero-energy blocks

Finland's first zero-energy blocks of flats have been erected in Kuopio and Järvenpää. A student residence with 47 flats was constructed in Kuopio and a building of 44 homes for aged people with memory disorders in Järvepää.

Both properties opted for ground heat and solar energy for energy production. In addition, the availability of free energy was exploited in both buildings, by choosing elevators that store and use the energy created during braking. In the summer, the flats can be cooled with a ventilation device that uses cool air from a ground heat well. The block built in Järvenpää is able to sell extra energy to the neighbouring building in summertime.

With the energy regulations on housing construction tightening up, ARA had the goal of providing an example of zero-energy block construction. The demolition process for old building stock made the project even more interesting for ARA. Construction costs were kept at a moderate level and the buildings are fully accessible.

Sensors and monitoring systems were installed in the property. The data collected by these will be used in research and development. The data will also be used to optimise the operation of the systems.

The project received development funds, an investment grant, an interest subsidy loan and demolition subsidies from ARA.


Published 2013-08-09 at 13:13, updated 2013-08-28 at 9:41