Accessibility and communality meet in the innovation block of Jätkäsaari

The CIN block project is a study in a completely novel housing and service concept at block level, where a mixed structure of normal and special needs group housing is combined with extensive block services and functions.

Through modular architecture, the goal is to implement a viable, completely accessible residential property that promotes communal living. In addition to normal rented housing, the block includes housing for students and senior citizens, as well as assisted living apartments that provide round-the-clock care.

Services and activities that support housing and communality have been developed for the block, such as a block laundry, local travel centre, communal "block knots" in staircases, a market hall and a network of internal pedestrian streets. The block courtyard is designed as a genuinely vibrant, year-round enabler of activities and block management is intended to develop into a new kind of system for supporting people.

A diverse and heterogeneous residential structure will develop the block into a vibrant, pulsating locus of life at all hours, enabling a safe and ecological urban lifestyle through its comprehensive offering of services. In the best scenario, different age groups will aid one another and various operating models based on trading services will develop within the block. The study and facilitation of such models through environmental psychology methods is one of the project’s cornerstones.

The block also aims at a low number of cars, since most residents will be carless by nature and the block is optimally located with regard to public transport. What makes the project extremely interesting for ARA is the possibility to create a scalable concept that can be replicated in smaller localities as well. Mixing of different management methods and the use of industrially pre-fabricated residential modules in its construction make this project unique.

Published 2013-08-09 at 13:20, updated 2013-08-13 at 12:59